P272 and its consequences

P272 is the regulatory change which alters the way business energy use is metered and billed. These changes were implemented from the start of November 2015, but still not all businesses are aware of the consequences. Below we have summarised some useful information to help you better understand what exactly is happening and how it may affect you and your business.

Most businesses now have an AMR meter installed; this will have been converted remotely to a fully compliant Half Hourly (HH) meter through which consumption readings are taken every half hour directly.

As a business you need to understand how this affects you and what you can do to offset any negative implications. We can help.

Important Points

A Meter Operator Provider (MOP) is responsible for the installation of your meter and for servicing the meter.

Please note that MOP services are chargeable and vary across providers.

A Data Collector (DC) is responsible for ‘dialling’ your meter, retrieving the details of the energy consumption at your premises and providing this consumption data to your energy supplier so that your energy supplier can bill you on this actual consumption.

Please note that DC services are chargeable and vary across providers.

A Data Aggregator (DA) is appointed by an energy supplier to take the meter information from the DC and work out the cost of the power your site has used.

Please note that DA services are chargeable and vary across providers.

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