Green energy, working towards a greener future

for UK businesses and schools

Working towards a greener future

Lumens Business Services work with renewable energy suppliers who offer a range of electricity and gas products for all business and school sizes, both fixed and flexible price contracts, including premium free renewable electricity.

We can help your business or school find the right renewable energy contracts with the right supplier, delivering on-going savings with account management and support.

If you are out of contract, you are able to benefit almost immediately. However, if you are currently in a contract, in most cases we can secure a new contract for you up to 12 months in advance.

We can help you do your bit for the environment and  save you time, money and effort along the way. Get in touch today for specific information about your energy usage and best available options.

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Finding you the right deal

With hundreds of different tariffs on offer from dozens of suppliers, we exist to reduce uncertainty and to identify the right utility supplier to save you time & money, to give you peace of mind. We can source the best deal for your business as much as 12 months in advance.

We'll handle ongoing contract renewals

With a Lumens energy account manager as your trusted advisor, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t miss key renewal windows and find your contract being rolled onto “deemed rates” that are higher than necessary. We can advise you of the best time to start negotiating your new utility contracts, saving you time, effort and money.


Smart Meters

An AMR (also known as Smart meter) is an Automated Meter Reading meter which ensures that it’s no longer necessary to read the meter to receive accurate bills. A smart meter also enables Lumens to provide a usage monitoring service which will help to identify where further savings can be made.

Arranging Utility Health Checks

Many customers don’t know how their energy usage compares to other businesses with similar profiles, so a simple utility health check is the start of a process to create the right Utility Management Plan which can reduce costs by as much as 20%.
We can quickly work out how much savings could be made.

Reducing Waste & Improving Efficiency

Our site audit will identify cost saving projects with payback information that enables you to build a case for any utility-saving investments. We can also provide project management services to help deliver savings, as well as provide you with support to access any government grants.

Getting your staff involved in reducing utility waste

According to the Carbon Trust, getting staff involved in energy reduction can reduce annual consumption by as much as 20%. Business owners are usually too busy to consistently maintain awareness. Lumens can help to raise & maintain awareness within a business, ensuring the staff are involved and engaged in managing usage.