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Working towards getting you better rates on your energy bills

We can help you save money, effort & time with your commercial energy bills

On average we save our clients up to 30% on their energy bills & we take care of the whole process at no additional cost to them

Did you know? 1.2 million businesses in the UK are currently being over-charged on their energy supply.

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Why choose Lumens?

We keep 90% of our clients with their current supplier, negotiating better rates and seamless transitions.

Our sole purpose is to work for you, as our client, not the energy companies.

We are not bound by any energy supplier, in simple terms, we are free from any obligation to find you the best rates in the market, resulting in maximum savings for you.

We have a commitment to never mislead or pressure sell, we are confident that our savings are un-matched and the best in the marketplace.

We monitor the energy markets on an hour to hour basis, striving to always find the best deals for our clients.

The energy suppliers we work with




How it works






Here to help you

We are entirely UK based, managing, transfers, switching, and renewals, saving you time and effort. In addition Lumens account managers are available outside standard office hours.

Most businesses fail to act on renewal notices, therefore, rolling on to expensive out of contract rates, your dedicated Lumens Account Manager, will ensure you are never faced with this issue.

We can provide free Smart Meters, allowing you to monitor usage and provide automated & accurate meter readings ensuring you are never faced with estimated bills which can be expensive and difficult to resolve with the energy providers.

We are specialist commercial energy consultants, we understand how to achieve the maximum savings possible.

For further information about our process see: How it works

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