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Energy Consultants - Energy Procurement & Usage Management

Energy Consultants - Intelligent Energy Procurement & Usage Management

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We promise not to share your data. *The cashback offer, Client receives a cashback amount based on their annual consumption from each energy meter that is contracted through Lumens Business Services. Client must take out both electric and gas contracts through Lumens Business Services. Cashback payment is based on energy supplier confirmed annual consumption.

Why choose Lumens?

At Lumens everything we do is geared towards the peace of mind of our clients.

We monitor everything which influences energy, weighing up historical data with future indications to best prepare and inform and to protect them from the vagaries of the market.

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The energy suppliers we work with





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Finding you the right deal


We’ll handle ongoing contract renewals


We can arrange for you to have a Smart meter installed


Utility Health Check


Reduce Waste & Improve Efficiency


We’ll help get your staff involved in reducing utility waste

Here to help you

We are entirely UK based, managing, transfers, switching, and renewals, saving you time and effort. In addition Lumens account managers are available outside standard office hours.

Most businesses fail to act on renewal notices, therefore, rolling on to expensive out of contract rates, your dedicated Lumens Account Manager, will ensure you are never faced with this issue.

We can arrange Smart Meter installations, allowing you to monitor usage and provide automated & accurate meter readings ensuring you are never faced with estimated bills which can be expensive and difficult to resolve with the energy providers.


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